Arte Brotto


A history stretching back more than 50 years, an entrepreneurship and life experience that sprang from the aspiration of a young workshop apprentice, Sante Giorgio Brotto, who in 1966 decided to apply his talent and knowledge of traditional cabinet-making techniques to the creation of a number of lines of original furnishings. Since that moment, Sante turned his passion into a dynamic business, synonymous with fine Italian craftsmanship and with a solid presence abroad, in which his intuition and creativity have been joined by the enthusiasm, commitment and skills of the second generation. With a far-sighted, courageous approach, the Brotto family has over the years acquired complete control over the wood supply chain, with its own forests and sawmills. This means that every piece of furniture and every complete bespoke furnishing solution created by Arte Brotto – from the classic-style collections to the contemporary and ecodesign collections designed in recent years – is able to guarantee the same hallmark quality, for beauty designed to last.


Revestimentos, Decoração, Madeira e laminados, Mobiliário interior