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E-commerce policy for brands

E-commerce policy for brands

In order to keep high-level customer service and compliance with the best e-commerce practices on the market, Dropdepot has set these guidelines below as our code of conduct in selling products.
In the case the manufacturer has its own e-commerce policy, we will comply with it accordingly.

1. Dropdepot does not disparage your products in any case, and we do not misuse your trademarks when identifying your brand and products.

2. Dropdepot does not use any images, drawings, technical sheets, or other materials provided by the manufacturer for any purpose other than the advertisement and promotion of its products.

3. Dropdepot does not provide copies of any images, drawings, technical sheets, or other materials to anyone without written approval.

4. Dropdepot maintains a good financial reputation and business ethics with customers and suppliers.

5. Dropdepot does not engage in any illegal, deceptive, or improper practices, such as loss-leadering, bait-and-switch selling, and misleading advertising.

6. Dropdepot maintains an expert consultation department and can handle common issues related to your products.

7. Dropdepot does not sell products online without the written approval of the manufacturer.

8. Dropdepot only advertise Internet discounts agreed by the manufacturer.

9. Dropdepot doesn’t use third parties to sell its products, neither offline nor online.